As Good As Dead By Holly Jackson – Review

“Pip Fitz-Amobi is haunted by her last investigation. But soon a new case finds her and this time it’s all about Pip. 

She has a stalker, one who keeps asking: Who will look for you when you’re the one who disappears? 

Pip soon discovers a connection between her stalker and a local serial killer, but the police refuse to act. As the dangerous game plays out it’s clear that if Pip doesn’t find the answers, she’s as good as dead…”

When I say I am the biggest fan of the AGGGTM (A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder) series I tell you no lies. I was caught a little off guard when I realised that the release of As Good As Dead was just around the corner and I hadn’t pre ordered it yet so I quickly hopped online and ordered one too many books (don’t worry all different kinds). I devoured this book in no time, I stayed up all night just to finish it, no regrets because what an explosive way to end a series, you know the saying “Go big or go home” – well Holly Jackson pulled out all the stops in this exhilarating thriller.

Long gone are the days of doe eyed cheery Pip trying to uncover truths so justice can prevail. She is damaged, broken, suffering from PTSD and she doesn’t have much faith left in the police or the justice system – they have failed her and those around one time too many times before. I like how Pip’s character developed throughout the series, getting a little darker with each story. I also want to point out how the book covers also reflect her character development as they start off as white moving on to red and this final cover is black- well I think they do anyways.

The first half of the story is a little bit slow but I think that is reflective on how Pip is feeling and how she is dealing with the aftermath of what happened in the previous book. Jackson’s portrayal of Pip suffering from PTSD was very well done and allows the reader to really get into Pip’s head and try to understand what it is that she is going through and why she is behaving the way that she is.

Around the halfway mark the book picks and from there on out it’s just go,go,go and we are holding on to the edge of our seats because this is getting crazy now! Holly Jackson is an evil mastermind who has plotted everything so perfectly – nothing is amiss when it comes back around in a full circle all these wonderful connection that we could’ve never imagined. I love that this series took a turn in a darker direction and ultimately Pip ended up doing exactly what I assumed she would when I first picked up A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, without reading the blurb. So I am ecstatic and in awe of how it all played out.

I did figure out who the culprit was quite early on but I personally think that’s because I’m obsessed with mystery and crime novels that I just find myself dreaming up every single crazy scenario that could ever happen. Holly Jackson is a miracle worker when it comes to this mind blowing series. I am so sad that it has all come to an end but just wow what a brilliant way to go out.

I will alway hold the A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder series very close to my heart as Pip is just a badass that I would totally be friends with. Her relationship with Ravi is sickeningly cute and her friendships are just the type you ride or die for! I would definitely give this book a 5/5 like how can I not! I am obsessed – I look forward to whatever the future holds for Holly Jackson and can not wait to read whatever she has published next!